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Witness Lee and the local churches:
A Personal Testimony Refuted

10. Positive Testimonies

Positive testimonies of Witness Lee and the local churches: not a cult

A testimony expresses the first hand experience of its bearer. Since it is the account of a witness it doesn’t carry the same pedigree as a scholarly work neither should it be given the same weight. Many so-called testimonies accusing Witness Lee and the local churches of being of being a local church cult go beyond the reasonable limits of testimony. They make accusations and draw conclusions without substantiation. The handful of false testimonies accusing Witness Lee and the local churches are outweighed by hundreds of positive testimonies:

The Christian brothers and sisters in the local churches … helped me to know and understand the Bible, to know Jesus Christ and to know the deeper meaning of the Christian life. They always turned me to Christ and encouraged me to continue running the Christian race. Through their help, I have come to love God, to treasure His life in me, and to desire to be a part of His great plan. … Watchman Nee and Witness Lee have truly opened the Bible to me. … Their books have always led me to find Christ … and have caused me to fall deeper in love with Christ ... E.L.

He knows more of the Bible, of Jesus Christ, and the Christian life, is supplied, nourished, and closer to the Lord through Witness Lee and the local churches.

… I have been twenty-five years in this ministry and I am enjoying the Lord more each day, loving the brethren, and so thankful to be a member of the Body of Christ ... S.R.

… the last 24 years of our married life, we have been brought to Christ in many aspects of our lives, and … built together with others in Christ Jesus. We love of all the Lord's children and desire to feed them His Word and grow in His life. … We thank the Lord for leading us to such riches released by our faithful brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.. C.W.

These testimonies show loving the brothers, preserving humanity, and growing in life, not that Witness Lee and the local churches are a cult.

I came from an orthodox Christian background. My parents and grandparents were all strong Christians. … the Bible was one of the first books I learned to read. … I loved to gather around the piano with dad, my sister, and my three brothers and sing while mom played hymns. … During my college years, the Lord seemed to fade into the background. Then, in the middle of a hardship I cried out to Him, ``God, where is the love!'' … an acquaintance of mine invited me to a meeting of the local church. There was so much life and light! The singing was so enjoyable that I felt as if I had never really sung before. … twenty-six rich years have passed. … I can't express enough the thanksgiving in my heart for the help I have received through the church meetings and the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.. T.A.

In hundreds of testimonies representative of thousands of dear believers the result of Witness Lee’s ministry is not a cult. His ministry has a great benefit, building the Body of Christ. Witness Lee and the local churches are not a cult, not a local church cult, but an expression of what the Lord has done.

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